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Jan. 3rd, 2010


New Website!

I actually made a website, so I'll be using that instead of livejournal. Check it out! :)


Nov. 4th, 2009


Gamble: Basic Explication

Near and Mello's names are first mentioned (in dialogue) in the sentences that express "your" feelings towards them the most at the moment they're spoken. So...

“I don’t need anything you can give me, Near.”
Having been close with Mello, it's inevitable that some of his dislike for Near had rubbed off on "you". Also, in your state of emotional distress, you don't believe that anyone - especially Near, who is known to be rather detached from his emotions - can help you get over Matt and Mello's deaths.

"From Mello, I’ve learned something that I wouldn’t have been able to learn by myself."
Of course, I could've first introduced Mello's name in another sentence, like "I love Mello", or "Mello was the most important person to me". However, that wasn't the point I wanted to make. I know it's extremely subtle and ambiguous, but it's with this sentence that I told you, the readers, how you first began to develop feelings for Mello.


"Because he refused to let his life become a simple puzzle like you did?"

As Mello has stated before (in the manga), Near looks at everything as if it's all a puzzle waiting to be solved. (I believe he mentioned it when news of L's death was first told to him and Near, and it was suggested that they work together to catch Kira.) That's not the reason why I decided to refer to Near's life as a puzzle, though.

I think life is like a puzzle - not just for Near, but for everyone. Let's look at it from a romantic point of view. Sometimes, it'll seem like you'll really click well with someone, but once you try it out, it doesn't work - that is, the puzzle piece has been placed in the wrong spot. This analogy is also a foreshadowing of future events.


“To you, I was probably a little piece of your pure white puzzle that wandered off and mingled with the unwanted colored pieces.”

This one's pretty obvious. Near wears white, while Mello wears black. The colors themselves can kind of represent the "purity" of the two characters. Mello has killed people, while Near has not. Near pursues Kira to avenge L (a mostly pure reason), while Mello does the same not only to avenge L, but also to beat Near (which kind of 'taints' the reason).


If you squint, the priest symbolizes something, too. I don't want to get all religious on you guys, because I myself am not exactly a fervent believer in anything, but I thought this would be interesting to put in.

The priest symbolizes God, in a sense. The "forgive me for making you wait" part can be taken as the time after Mello's death and before the beginning of this story, where "you" were severely depressed. Everything else he says has similar meaning, even the "are you-" he was able to say before "you" interrupted him. That was intentional, too.

That symbolized "your" desire to die. Notice how you interrupt him upon figuring out what Near was implying.

Basically, Near stepped in and stopped you right before you actually carried out your suicide plan.


The dice Near is playing with as the story ends wasn't all that random, either. It's ironic, how he's holding an item that represents chance and luck when saying "of course", because he knew he'd be able to prevent you from committing suicide.

What this dice also symbolizes is the gamble he made with giving "you" that puzzle piece. I've dropped subtle (...fine, 'unclear') hints of him liking you throughout the story, with the most glaring one being him actually making such a big effort to stop you. By giving you that puzzle piece and leaving you to figure out its implications, he's taking two gambles. One is your understanding of it, while the other is your acceptance or rejection of his feelings.

The title is also based on this dice, as dice are usually used to gamble. Methinks. :D


I think that was the worst explication ever, but whatever. xD I'm tired and I can't think straight!

Hope y'alls enjoyed. <3
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Nov. 2nd, 2009



Updateeee~! Sorry for my lack of activity. >< I've got some good news (well... it depends on whether or not you like Death Note, haha) and some bad news. :<

Bad news is that all my Bleach and Saiyuki stories are going to be put on hold until further notice. I have the next chapter of Trust written, but it needs to undergo heavy editing before I even think about putting that up, so... yeah. I'll try to not be so damn lazy and work on that. ><

'Good' news, I guess, is that (if you haven't noticed from the icon change) I'm completely immersed in Death Note. xD L and Mello and Matt and Near are just so <3 <3 <3! I'm working on a little fic (it's a one-shot) for... Near, I guess? I don't know, haha. I don't want to give away too much, so let me just say that it was difficult to choose between the Near icon and the Mello icon for this post. (And no, it's not a love triangle.)

Umm~ That's... kinda it for the fanfiction bit, really. I'm really, really sorry about the hiatuses and stuff. >< But if I'm not completely into an anime/manga, then I end up writing total crap. If I forced myself to write crap, then it's just... not right. D: It's rude for me to do that, so yeah. >< I'M SORRY!
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Oct. 18th, 2009



Well, this little fic just came to mind when I finally got off my lazy butt and caught up with the Bleach manga. I really, really liked Hallibel, and Starrk was an interesting character... bleh. T_T Anyway, the most I can do now is hope that Aizen and Gin don't die... which I know will never happen. Meh.

Anyway, here's the little 'secondary meaning' explanation for the conversation in my most recent little ficlet thingy, Étude.


"You might run into someone dangerous." -Aizen

Here, Aizen is referring to himself.


"Have you come out to stargaze?" -Aizen

"I'm afraid tonight's a starless night." -Reader

Basically, he's asking if you regret the decisions you've made thus far (to acquaint yourself with him), and if you were looking for someone to save you. You tell him no, you don't regret anything. It's implied here by the 'I'm afraid' part that unless he decides to get rid of you himself, you're not going to be leaving him. The starless night is a reference to Hueco Mundo's night sky, because it's, again, implied that you're going to be leaving with him once he betrays Soul Society.


"...but it looks like I wandered over here by accident. I guess I'm more attached to this division than I previously thought." -Reader

It's already been said that you consider yourself to be above the rest of the shinigami (earlier, when it says "You were simply too far above them" and "...try and bring you down"), but meeting Aizen and actually acting on that superior feeling happened by chance. Once you met him, however, you found that he was very satisfying compared to what was offered to you in Soul Society. Again, you're restating that you're going to be loyal to him.


"That's unfortunate." -Aizen

Aizen's response to your loyalty and interest in him. You know he's dangerous, I know he's dangerous, and he knows he's dangerous. Need I say more?


"Would you like me to walk you home?" -Aizen

Well, this one was pretty vague. Here, I thought of how people walk dogs. To normal people, Aizen is just being nice and making sure you get home safely. However, in actuality, he's walking you home to kind of reassert his authority. Just as an owner walks his dog, he walks you (home).


"I would like that." -Reader

Acceptance of Aizen's authority.


"Several members in the 5th Division have been behaving rather poorly these days, don't you think?" -Reader

You're referring to how some people are stalking you in order to catch you off-guard; case in point, the one stalking you as you're walking home with Aizen. You're expressing your irritation, but at the same time, kind of gloating and proving your power and influence over people.


"There seems to be a lot of relationship problems that have been surfacing as of late." -Aizen

Aizen's aware of that, and he acknowledges your influence. At the same time, however, he's giving you a warning not to do anything that will displease him. He's not the type to share.


"I can't order them around; it isn't my division." -Reader

You're saying that it's almost second nature, and that without all the trouble you're causing, you'd be utterly bored. However, by adding the last part of the sentence, you're once again acknowledging his superiority.


"Please try to control yourself, at the very least." -Aizen

Aizen knows he's above you, and he wants you to stop what you're doing. I guess it's up to you to interpret it this way, but one could say that Aizen's almost feeling a little jealous... if only because he's not the type to share.


"I wouldn't like for you to get a bad reputation for being a malicious woman." -Aizen

He's being completely sarcastic here. He knows that you're going to come with him to Hueco Mundo, and thus become one of the most hated people in all of Soul Society.


"Who knows? Maybe one day, I'll be as virtuous and kind as you." -Reader

You, too, are being sarcastic.


"...tomorrow will certainly be a long day." -Aizen

He's referring to all the commotion that will be caused tomorrow when the dead body is discovered.


"Goodnight... Noblesse." -Reader

This is the release command and the name of your zanpakutou. The zanpakutou name is, in my opinion, a little interesting in this scene. Noblesse is another word for nobility. The first thing I think of when I see the word nobility (in Bleach) is Aizen, who has claimed that he will stand on top of the Heavens and claim the empty throne for himself, thus becoming king.


And that is it, haha. I hope you enjoyed it!

Sep. 24th, 2009



Oh man, I'm horrible, I know.

First of all, I'd like to apologize to all of you for the lack of updates. I'm only in the second week of school, but I'm struggling like I never struggled before. My school has just recently implemented this thing called the 'IB Programme', and let me tell you that it. is. brutal. I was already struggling with math, damn it. Algebra 1 & 2 just pretty much went right over my head. And then they suddenly thrust me into Pre-Calc HL? Wow. I don't understand anything. And, dear God, chemistry! It's horrible.

Anyway, I've been pretty busy with homework and studying, which, without procrastination, has actually taken me until 1 or 2 to complete. Without procrastination! Ugh...

Alright, so on to the updates. My Bleach fics are, unfortunately, still on hold. I haven't been keeping up with the manga, you see, and I'm at an all-time low for Bleach. Saiyuki has been placed in a similar boat, though I still love that manga to death. White Prayer will be worked on... soon, haha. I'll keep you guys posted for that. Surprisingly enough, I'm returning to one of my old fandoms - that is, Prince of Tennis.

Okay, before I continue, let me admit it right now. I've only watched a bit of the anime. I haven't touched the manga. And I most definitely didn't finish either, haha. I'm actually very far behind, since I stopped when Tezuka left for Germany (or somewhere else in Japan in the manga, I believe). Still, I've been more or less acquainted with the Rikkaidai boys through other writers' work, though only in the distant past, when I was actively watching PoT.

Yeah, you know what these long rambles about a fandom mean. Fanfiction.

I have a basic idea for it, and have already posted a prologue up on Luna. I'm going to try my best to juggle this, White Prayer (Saiyuki), and schoolwork... as well as the freaking 9 hour SAT class on Saturday. Updates will be slow, but they won't be stopped completely. <3 So just please be patient! I'm very sorry for the long wait, too, haha.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! <3
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Sep. 4th, 2009


White Prayer + Saiyuki Gaiden

Oh my God.

I just finished reading Saiyuki Gaiden... and I will admit that I was crying like a little girl. I can swear that seriously, Saiyuki is the best manga series to ever be written... ever. Usually, when I read manga or watch anime, I just get an itch to write a fanfic about it, all of them either reader inserts or little OCs that I've mostly kept to myself. I guess that's my way of saying, "no, this series wasn't good enough; it needs something like this", or "it was alright, but if it had THIS... oh, it'll be golden", or something like that. But seriously, Saiyuki... it's just wow.

I think I'm writing for it out of habit more than anything. And no, despite how it sounds, it's not negative at all. It's actually hard for me to write up little stories for Saiyuki, because I just really, sincerely love how everything is... as is, really. I've cried several times (yes, literally) while reading this manga (and I remember doing the same while watching the anime) because... I don't know. It's sweet, it's sad, it's everything. And I really, really love it.

Okay, but all that mush aside, after finishing Gaiden, I've decided to just go ahead and try out the little idea I had. You see, the original title for 'Black Prayer' was supposed to be just 'Prayer', but I decided to change it last minute. Why? Well, I'm the type that's actually really, really bad with planning. Even if I plan a whole story out, I end up shooting off in another direction (which is what happened with Trust).

The change from Prayer to Black Prayer still worked perfectly fine for the little storyline I had in mind. (Okay, I had no storyline in mind. Usually, I just conjure up a single scene - nothing too big, really - and run with it. (And for those of you who're wondering, yes, that's exactly what I did for Trust. I'll post up a little 'how I got inspired for my fics' thing later, though I doubt anyone will read that, haha.) That's why I stuck with it. And now, after finishing Gaiden, I can safely say that, no matter how hard it's going to be, and no matter how tempted I'll be to smash my head through the window, I'll just go through with what I've been calling "Part 0" - now to be known as White Prayer.

Alright, pause. I'm sure you guys are going, wtf is she saying now? Well, let me explain (I'm sure my post's all over the place. xD I'm sorry, I can't really organize my thoughts all nicely and blah blah). 'Prayer' was originally supposed to be about a bhikkhuni - that is, an ordained Buddhist nun - that catches the attention of the Sanzo-ikkou and heads westwards with them. Sounds kinda lame, right? Well... it kinda is, I guess, haha. But if you layer it with romance and angst and all that good stuff, it becomes... well... it's still lame. Anyway! That was the original concept of 'Prayer'.

Seeing as how imagined the ending of 'Prayer' first (and then backtracked), I was like, alright, this is awesome! I know how it's going to end now! And... the ending was satisfactory. For me, it held some of that Saiyuki and Saiyuki Reload ending taste, which... was what gave birth to the prologue of 'Black Prayer'. However, as satisfied as I was with this ending, I wanted to end with a little scene of Kanzeon Bosatsu. So I was like, hmm... well, it'd be nice if there was a part two. She could say something that leads into it!

Well, I was playing around with that thought, and decided that no, I didn't want there to be a part two... but rather, a part zero.

0 1 2 3...

Does that make sense? Zero comes before anything. What came before Saiyuki? Saiyuki Gaiden! And at that thought, I was like, wow, that's PERFECT. Helloooo, Konzen Douji! And again, for this, I had a perfect little ending in mind, and am now planning on backtracking.

I'm... pretty damn sure I missed quite a lot of stuff, and I'm sorry if I have. xD I just feel kinda excited right now, despite having run into a bit of trouble (ugh... already?!) with Black Prayer.

I was really impressed by Kenren and Tenpou in Gaiden, far more than Gojyo and Hakkai ever impressed me. (Don't get me wrong; I love Gojyo and Hakkai to death, but in Gaiden, they were just... wow.) So... I think... maybe in the near future, I'll do something White/Black Prayer-esque for them, too. Ooh, and maybe Goku... (TAKE THAT, GIRL-WHOSE-NAME-I-DO-NOT-KNOW! I was like &#%*@%&@ when she kissed Goku in Saiyuki Reload. -_- ANYWAY.)

But yes. All that rambling and stuff to say that Black Prayer will have a companion fic, White Prayer. It'll be in the same "format" as Black Prayer - as in, it'll be a story, but each chapter will be based on a pre-determined theme: colors. The order will be changed so that if Black Prayer is 1 2 3, White Prayer will be 3 2 1. I hope you guys look forward to that, haha!

Sep. 3rd, 2009


Black Prayer + Character Song Ramble

Alright! You know that little Saiyuki fic I said I'd most likely write in the previous post? Well, I wrote it. Or... I began writing it. xD Rather than choosing one of the two theme challenges, I just decided to make my own. I don't have a name for it yet, though. :D Meh, whatever. xDD Anyway, here's the info.


Title: Black Prayer
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Reader x Sanzo
Summary: "A prayer?" you repeated, scoffing. "Don't make me laugh. The gods have long since abandoned me; any prayer I offer up to them will be black."

Who knew a certain Kanzeon Bosatsu would hear that and decide to send a little light your way?


...I've always wondered whether it was Genjyo Sanzo or Genjo Sanzo... I forget which did which, but the American version did Genjyo, and romanized version or w/e did Genjo. Or something like that, I forget. Genjyo sounds kinda funky, but Genjo looks kinda weird... bah. I'm trying not to use it, but if I absolutely have to, I think I'll run with the Genjyo.

Alright. Oh, and all these fics are on Lunaescence, by the way. M'name is Suiren over there, exactly the same as FoSFF. :3

AND DUDE. I usually don't like those character songs because they often turn out shitty, but... I just love Saiyuki's. Well... okay okay, let me ramble. xD

I enjoyed Yukimura's character songs. He's from Samurai Deeper Kyo. What was really awesome about his character songs was that the lady actually sung it in his voice! :D Not to mention it was just catchy, haha. The rest were, I'm sorry to say, kinda... really, really bad.

As much as I love Bleach, I'm not a huge fan of the character songs. =/ I mean, a lot of people fangirl over Aizen's character songs and blah blah... and trust me, I freaking love Aizen as much as the next girl, but his songs were rather... bland and blah, if you know what I mean. For Ichigo, I think the only song I somewhat like is 'My Blade As My Pride'.

Hmm... does anyone still remember DN Angel? I remember reading/watching it while I was in... the 5th grade, I think. (I'm in 11th now, haha.) I'm not sure if there were more, but whatever. From the anime, I only knew two character songs (one for Dark and the other for Krad), and... I really, really liked them. The feel of the song just matched their respective characters. Especially Krad's, Rakuen ~Fanatic~. I was just wow'ing the whole time.

For Gundam SEED Destiny (btw, this anime was just freaking awesome. I cried so much when Stellar died. T_T)... mm, I actually liked some of the songs. Lacus' songs... well, I'm not sure if they're exactly 'character songs', but whatever. I liked 'em. Fields of Hope and all that. Yzak's song, 'Shoot', was nice, too. It's not the most OMFGTHISISSOAWESOME song, but I liked it. Now Stellar's song, Shinkai no Kodoku... that one, I SWEAR it's OMFGTHISISSOAWESOME. It's just... wow. Awesome.

AND FINALLY, SAIYUKI~ <3 Okay. To be honest, I'm not a hugeass fan of their individual character songs. I mean, some of them are alright, but not like 'wow, that was... actually very, very good'. But their group songs (none of which seem to have Hakkai... hmm o_o), though, were just... FREAKING MARVELOUS. Ew, that sounded kinda lame, haha. Okay, anyway. xD Seriously, their group songs such as 'Go to the West' (Sanzo, Gojyo, Goku) and 'Blow Winds' (...again, Sanzo, Gojyo, and Goku) were just... wow. Catchy, cute, and just... awesome! :3 I really, really enjoy Sanzo and Gojyo's little duet-thing song, 'Bad Friends'. It's awesome too, haha. <3

Whoooo, okay. Now you know how much I adore Saiyuki, because it has made me ramble not once, but twice! (2 out of 2, baby.)

Sep. 2nd, 2009



Alright. I haven't touched Microsoft Word ever since uploading the prologue of 'Break', and I only have one thing to blame.


I used to watch the anime like 2 years ago, but, for whatever reason, I just kinda stopped somewhere in the beginning of Gunlock. I recently began reading it again, and I have to say that I'm hooked. Again. Seriously, if you haven't read it before, I highly suggest that you do. There hasn't been a single disappointing moment so far, and the characters are all likable and super hot, haha! In order (of the storyline), the manga goes like this:

Saiyuki Gaiden
Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Reload Blast

Gaiden, however, has been released AFTER Saiyuki, so I suggest you read it afterwards. The anime's a bit different. It goes like this:

Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Reload Gunlock

There's OVAs and a movie and such along the way, but meh. xD The anime's different from the manga in that the ending of Hazel's arc was completely made up (seeing as how the manga was still running while the anime reached that part), and in... Reload, I think, Homura became a big character. Still good, though.

Anyway, I seriously think you guys should go read it. <3 I think I cried a bunch of times because of all the cute parts. D: I cry easily. Bah.

As much as I want to write up a fic for Saiyuki, I'm afraid I might butcher their characters (as usual...) and blah blah. ): That and I have enough fics running that I really should go around finishing... bah. I'm just hopin' the next chapter of Bleach will be friggin' awesome enough (again) for me to get into the Bleach mood and write up another chapter or something. But for now, I'm probably going to find a short theme challenge and write one for Sanzo or something, because God, that man is HOT. <3

...Watch me kill his lovely character. ):

Hmm... I might either do '25 Emotions' (by SarahWeasley) or 30 Drabbles (by DamnBlackHeart).

Seriously, Saiyuki is such an underrated manga! In all honesty, I can say that, in my opinion, it's far better than Bleach will ever be. Given, they don't have kickass genius overlords like Aizen, but seriously, it's just full of wow. There aren't any (at least in my opinion) 'in the middle characters'; you either hate 'em, or love 'em. Also - and this is just pure awesome - THERE AREN'T ANY ANNOYING GIRLS. Yeah, you heard me. No Orihime's to make me want to punch the screen. No Ururu's that frustrate me because she just looks frustrating. No... well, you get my point. I think there's only like 4 females in the whole series (other than civilians that appear for like one episode, haha), and... they're not that bad, really.

Lirin is kinda annoying, but not that much. She's a kid, and brings comic relief. (Her relationship with Sanzo reminds me of Byakuya and Yachiru, LOL)

Yaone is okay. She's kind of weaksauce, but that's alright, because she's not annoying. Her loyalty to Kougaiji is admirable and cute.

Kanzeon Bosatsu IS FREAKIN' HILARIOUS. I love this woman... err... man. I'm not sure if I should include him/her in this list. o_o; She/He's a hermaphrodite, so yeah. xD

...Okay, I forget the last one's name, but she's one of the villains. She's the bitchy evil mom of Lirin that you'll just love to hate.

The main characters... hmm, let's see. Well, to keep things simple, the four protagonists are Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo, and Hakkai. Let me just tell you that they're ALL. FREAKING. AWESOME.

Sanzo's one of the highest ranking priests (monks, whatever) in all the land, but he smokes, he drinks, he cusses, and he has a sweet little gun that he's more than happy to use.

Goku is just flippin' ADORABLE. I can't even say how many times I 'aww'd 'cause of him. But he's just not another cute face, because once his power limiter comes off, he becomes "Seiten Taisei Son Goku", and... he looks kinda hot? Lol. xD Berserker mode!

Gojyo is your typical (not really) womanizer, but he has his deep moments, too. And those deep moments... man, sometimes, they really jerk a tear out of you. D: He's a halfbreed - that is, half human, half demon - and almost had his step-mom kill him 'cause he reminded her of his biological mother.

Hakkai is a pleasant, well-mannered man with a perpetual smile on his face. Nice guy, right? Yeah, unless you piss him off. He killed 1000 demons (which is how he became a demon himself in the first place) to avenge his lost love, who just happened to be his biological sister. This guy is just full of surprises. (And I can't stress how hilarious it is when he starts talking about how he's going to beat up people with a pleasant little smile, haha!)

So yeah. Saiyuki. Awesome. <3 GO READ IT.

I will run off to answer a theme challenge, and write it for Saiyuki~ <3

Aug. 29th, 2009



New fic. Again. I'm sorry! T_T I just haven't been writing recently (because I've been sucked into the world of cosplay. I plan on cosplaying as Hallibel (Bleach) and Konan (Naruto) for AX 2010 with my friend (who will be going as Meene (Shaman King) and Sai (Naruto), so I've been going crazy trying to find out how to style wigs and sew and blah blah.

Anyway, I read the new Bleach chapter (371) today, expecting to be disappointed again. (Because Barragan was ugly and blah blah, but he was still an Espada. And I love the Espada, haha~) Okay, before anything, I'd just like to say the Soifon & Hachigen vs Barragan battle was kinda disappointing and very anticlimactic. At least for me. =/ BUT ANYWAY, this chapter had a bunch of Aizen in it, and... I don't know. I've always liked him and Gin ever since they turned evil, but just something about him in this chapter just converted me into Aizenism. (And we finally learn his zanpakutou release command! Yaaay~! And... yes, that's what the title is named after, haha.)

Okay, so the new fic I mentioned earlier is, indeed, for Aizen. I know I'm probably going to screw him up beyond redemption, but meh, practice makes perfect, no? I can just smell the cliché from here, ugh. I'll try not to make it too bad. Anyway, translated lyrics are just below the new story introduction.

Stupid summary is stupid. T_T I'm going to change it when I can think of something better.


Title: Break
Pairing: Reader x Aizen Sousuke
Rating: PG-13 (subject to change)
Summary: He couldn't break you.

You were just too submerged in the illusions conjured up by your own mind.


The two of us are washed away by the sinful fate
that has been repeating since ancient times
I'm tempted into breaking the rules
If I extend my hand I can reach the luscious forbidden fruit

Falling headfirst into a labyrinth
I opened doors leading to nothing AH

SHOW ME in the sea of love
HOLD ME until I'm broken
TELL ME naked as you are
LOVE ME if it's the truth
CATCH ME in your sweet snare
LEAVE ME drowning in the evening
TOUCH ME my heart's creases
SHAKE ME we're getting soaked

When I'm with you nothing is frightening
I hug you tightly from behind I CAN'T WAIT
(We're the only people in the world)
In the opposite direction is DANGEROUS FRUIT
Tone of a sweet voice, like a fleeting love
The dangerous fruit from before (HOT BODY)
When I'm with you they fall anywhere we go

I'm chased by the sound of the siren
When I look back it seems to swallow me whole
There is no return

I smiled innocently, if only I hadn't known AH

SHOW ME to the sea of love
HOLD ME I'm slipping off
KISS ME until I'm melting
LOVE ME tears of iron
STOP ME key to my heart
LOCK ME inside this hand
USE ME hold on to me
TAKE ME to paradise


Reincarnation, to be born again
I'll accept any kind of punishment
Drink poison and just close my eyes
Only dreaming on endlessly

SHOW ME in the sea of love
HOLD ME until I'm broken
TELL ME naked as you are
LOVE ME if it's the truth
CATCH ME in your sweet snare
LEAVE ME drowning in the evening
TOUCH ME my heart's creases
SHAKE ME we're getting soaked

SHOW ME to the sea of love
HOLD ME I'm slipping off
KISS ME until I'm melting
LOVE ME tears of iron
STOP ME key to my heart
LOCK ME inside this hand
USE ME hold on to me
TAKE ME to paradise

Aug. 17th, 2009


Trust + Black World

Trust chapter 31: CONQUERED.

Well, there's a few bleh parts, but I seriously couldn't help it! T_T Also, the title name is going to change. I don't know what I'll change it to, though. xD

Also, I'm not sure if anyone remembers 'Black World'... xD But it's a Kaien fic. I'm following a set of themes, though, so there's going to be time skips and blah blah. Anyway, I've actually made a little teeny bit of progress on that, so yeah.

All to say I'm slowly breaking down my writer's block. Slowly.


If anyone wants to chat, goad me on, blah blah, my AIM is LawOfSolipsism. MSN is claim_solaris@hotmail.com


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